Larry A. Chinitz

Larry A. Chinitzstaff

Dr. Larry A. Chinitz is the Benjamin and Coyle Family Professor of Medicine and Cardiac Electrophysiology, Director of Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology and the NYU Heart Rhythm Center and Associate Director for Clinical Affairs for the Leon H. Charney Division of Cardiology, NYU School of Medicine.

Dr.Chinitz graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude with a B.A. in Biology from NYU and then received his M.D. with distinction in Internal Medicine and AOA from NYU School of Medicine. He completed his internal medicine residency in the Bellevue/VA/NYU program, was named senior chief medical resident and then completed NYU Cardiology Fellowship. Dr. Chinitz subsequently spent an additional year as a visiting fellow on the Electrophysiology service at Montefiore Medical Center.

Since joining the NYU faculty in 1982, Dr. Chinitz has played an enormously important role in furthering clinical, educational and research missions in Cardiology, the Department of Medicine and the NYU Medical Center.   He established the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology program and pioneered Radio Frequency Ablation. As a Center of Excellence for catheter based treatment of Atrial Fibrillation, the Heart Rhythm Center Cardiac EP program provides top-quality cardiac rhythm management, cutting-edge research and world-renowned training programs. Unparalleled in the area the program has evolved into one of the premier international programs.

Dr. Chinitz has overseen the establishment of an increasingly robust research enterprises including the establishment of the Cardiovascular Genetics Program. The EP faculty is involved in a large number of multi-center and local clinical trials, testing novel devices, pharmacotherapy and other innovative treatments for patients at risk of arrhythmias. These endeavors have resulted in increasing numbers of grants for research projects, publications and prominence on the national and international scene.

Dr Chinitz serves on the Cardiac and Vascular Institute leadership committee and has been integral to the marked expansion of cardiovascular medicine at NYU Langone, including the creation of new facilities for inpatient cardiology, NYU Heart Rhythm Center and Cardiovascular Genetics program. As the current New York City American Heart Association (AHA) President, Dr Chinitz focus is on Sudden Cardiac Death and reducing the unacceptable mortality rates in New York City.