Maria Grazia Bongiorni

Maria Grazia Bongiornistaff

Maria Grazia Bongiorni is a certified associate professor of Cardiology. She acquired the degree in Medicine In 1978 and Cardiology Specialization in 1982 at Pisa University. Afterwards, she worked as national secretary of the Italian Association of Arrhythmology and Cardiac Pacing (AIAC) and became Director of the Arrhythmology Unit of Cardiothoracic Department at University Hospital of Pisa in 1997. From April 2004 to April 2008, Maria Grazia Bongiorni was Director of the Italian Journal of Arrhythmology and Cardiac and Pacing and from 2010 to 2012 she was President of Italian Association of Arrhythmology and Cardiac Pacing (AIAC). She is chair of Lead Extraction Registry (ELECTRa). Dr. Bongiorni is the head of an International Referral Center for Biventricular, ICD and PM Implant, Transvenous Lead Extraction, Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation. Dr. Bongiorni published more than 400 paper with Cardiac Arrhythmias as topic, she has the co-written ESC Guidelines on infective endocarditis and she is the Editor of the Transvenous Lead Extraction book. She is frequently asked to chair and speak at national and international congresses.