The IDSS Innovation Award is a major, prestigious international award for start ups interested in advancing heart care with a special focus on heart rhythm devices and tools, congestive heart failure, imaging, and digital health/remote monitoring.

The IDSS Innovation Award offers relevant start-ups the opportunity to obtain critical peer review and feedback from a world-class panel of clinical and commercial experts. The judges are a who’s who of the cardiac arrhythmias, device therapy, and venture capital communities. You will meet them face-to-face, and present to prove the merit of your idea. In the process you will receive valuable advice and guidance – an opportunity that money really cannot buy.

Innovation is the lifeblood for any organization, and in the current period of economic uncertainty, there has never been a more pressing demand for healthcare innovation.

Winning the IDSS Innovation Award offers unparalleled clinical and commercial validation, as well as valuable exposure to an international audience that should help spur investors and other interested parties to take note of your innovation, and advance its progress towards reaching the market that will benefit patients.

The Prize:  The top two winners of the competition will receive an intensive, one-week startup accelerator program training at Mayo Clinic in the spring of 2016, with opportunities for mentorship, development, licensing, and co-development through Mayo Clinic’s expertise to help the companies bring their products or services successfully to patients.